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Friday, February 22, 2013

Anna University Grade Equivalent Marks for Regulation 2008 Students and CGPA Calculation

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Anna University Grade Equivalent Marks for Regulation 2008 Students and CGPA Calculation

Anna University Applied the Grade system for the students admitted from the year 2008 onwards.

All assessments of a course will be done on absolute marks basis. However, for the 
purpose of reporting the performance of a candidate, letter grades, each carrying certain
number of points, will be awarded as per the range of total marks (out of 100) obtained by 
the candidate in each subject as detailed below:
Letter grade  Grade Points  Marks Range
        S        10     91 – 100
        A          9     81 – 90 
        B          8      71 – 80 
        C          7     61 – 70 
        D          6     57 – 60
        E          5     50 – 56
        U                 0     < 50
        I           0
       W          0
“U” denotes Reappearance is required for the examination in the course. (This grade 
will figure both in Marks Sheet as well as in Result Sheet)
“W” denotes withdrawal from the course.
The Grade “I” denotes inadequate attendance (as per clause 12) and hence prevention  from writing the end semester examination.
The Grade “I’ and “W” will figure only in the Result Sheets

Grade sheet
After results are declared, Grade Sheets will be issued to each student which will contain 
             the following details:
 The college in which the candidate has studied
 The list of courses enrolled during the semester and the grade 
 The Grade Point Average (GPA) for the semester and 
 The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of all courses enrolled 
from first semester onwards.  
GPA for a semester is the ratio of the sum of the products of the number of credits 
for courses acquired   and the corresponding points   to the sum of the number of 
credits for the courses acquired in the semester.
  Sum of [Credits acquired x Grade points]
               GPA     =     _____________________________
                               Sum of Credits acquired 
CGPA will be calculated in a similar manner, considering all the courses registered from 
first semester. “U”, “I” and “W” grades will be excluded for calculating GPA and CGPA.
                          ∑     Ci GPi
      CGPA =     --------------------
                               ∑    C
                                         i=1    i

where  Ci      –   is the Credits assigned to the course
            GPi –   is the point corresponding to the grade obtained for each           
             n   –   is number of all Courses successfully cleared during the 
                       particular semester in the case of GPA and during all the 
semesters in the case of CGPA

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