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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Anna University Internal Marks Calculation

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Anna University Internal Marks Calculation

Why Internal Exams?

Why we need internal examinations? Why don't we should attend the end semester examinations straightaway? You might have asked these kind of questions many times. Let us together find the answer. 

Though both the end semester exams and the internal exams are conducted to check the academic performance of the students, there is a difference between them. The internal exams not only checks the academic performance of students, but also the consistent performance of the students which is very important. The internal exams also helps the student to face the end semester examinations without fear.

Internal Marks Calculation Procedure

Your Anna University internal marks are based on two important factors.

  1. Attendance Percentage (5)
  2. Average of Internal Exam Marks (15)

Attendance percentage: 

Students will be awarded marks for their attendance based on the percentages as follows.

76% to 80% of attendance - 1 mark 
81% to 85% of attendance - 2 marks 
86% to 90% of attendance - 3 marks 
91% to 95% of attendance - 4 marks 
96% to 100% of attendance -5 marks 

Average of Internal Exam Marks

Usually three internal exams will be conducted every semester and their averages will be converted to marks out of 15 Marks. Otherwise you can also convert the each internal exam mark to (out of) 5 Marks and add it together.

Let us take an example, your marks in 
  • Internal Exam 1: 100 (5 marks)
  • Internal Exam 2: 100 (5 marks)
  • Internal Exam 3: 100 (5 marks)
  • Total : 15 marks

Check Your Anna University Internal Marks

Now you have learnt about how the internal marks are calculated. You can also check your Internal marks online. The Anna university 2008 regulation students felt difficult to find the reason for their poor result performance because of the absence of facility to find the internal marks. Now it is possible to check your Anna university internal marks online. We have already posted an article about how to check your internal marks and the exact internal marks web link.

Impact of Internal Marks

A good internal mark would make you to pass in a difficult subject very easily. The opposite reaction may happens when you get low internal mark in a tough subject. 

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