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Friday, January 24, 2014

Tancet 2014 Syllabus for Leather Technology - TANCET 2014-2015

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Tancet 2014 Syllabus for Leather Technology - TANCET 2014-2015

Tancet 2013 Syllabus for 
Leather Technology - TANCET 2014-2015

M.E./ M.Tech./ M.Arch./ M.Plan                           TIME DURATION-2 Hours  
The question paper will have three parts.
Part-I and Part-II are compulsory and under Part-III the candidates
have to choose any one section out of 14 based on his/her

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PART 2 BASIC ENGINEERING & SCIENCES (Common to all Candidates) 
PART 3 Leather Technology

i)   Pre Tanning Operations : Hides & Skins – Histological characteristics structure of hides & skins defects – curing & preservation methods – Animal by products – soaking, unhairing, liming, deliming, bating, pickling, depickling and degreasing– Their objectives & principles involved. Biochemistry of collagen and other substances – chemicals & auxiliaries used in pre-tanning operations – General pretanning processes for manufacture of different types of heavy and light leathers - Process control in 
pretanning – Ecofriendly pretanning operations – Physical and chemical testing - Standards and quality control measures in pretanning. By products of animal and tannery operations. 
ii)  Tanning Operations : Tanning materials – Vegetable, mineral and organic - their classification – chemistry & Technology of tanning materials & methods – characterisation manufacture & analysis of various tanning materials. Theory & mechanism of  vegetable, chrome, Aluminium, Zirconium, Iron, Titarium, Aldehyde, Oil and other organic tanning. Various unit operations involved in tanning processes 
their objectives & principles – cleaner processing options – Analysis & haracterisation of various types of leathers - Physical and chemical testing - Standards and quality control measures in tanning operations. 
iii) Post Tanning and Finishing Operations :  Retanning, dyeing – fatliquoring and finishing operations – Their objectives & principles – chemicals used for the above unit operations – Syntans, fatliquors, dyes, dye-auxiliaries, pigments, acrylic and protein binders, wax emulsion, fillers, topcoats, NC, CAB lacquers and lacquer emulsions, feel modifiers, their nature & properties in finishing – machinery & 
methods for post tanning and finishing operations – upgradation methods – chemical and physical properties required for various finished leathers –  physical & chemical testing of finished leathers – Tannery Effluent treatment –Effluent treatment plant - Liquid and solid waste management. 
iv)  Leathers & Leather Products : Various types of leathers – upper, sole, garment, leather goods, sports & specially leathers – their characteristics. Leather supplement and synthetics - Design & manufacture of footwear, leather goods & garments. Leather Economics and Industrial Management – Project feasibility reports – organisation & management of leather sector – marketing & export of leather 
& products - Machines for leather products manufacture  - mechanics & operation - IT applications for leather & product design. Professional Ethics and human values.

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