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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CN7201 ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES Syllabus | Anna University Regulation 2013 ME Construction Engineering and Management First Year Second Semester Syllabus

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CN7201 ADVANCED CONSTRUCTION TECHNIQUES Syllabus | Anna University Regulation 2013 ME Construction Engineering and Management First Year Second Semester Syllabus.  Below is the Anna University 2013 Regulation Syllabus for 2nd Semester for Construction Engineering and Management, Textbooks, Reference books, Exam portions, Question Bank, Previous year question papers, Model question papers, Class notes, Important 2 marks, 8 marks, 16 marks topics. It is applicable for all students admitted in the Academic year 2013-2014 onwards for all its Affiliated institutions in Tamil Nadu.


 To study and understand the latest construction techniques applied to engineering construction for sub structure, super structure, special structures, rehabilitation and strengthening techniques and demolition techniques.

UNIT I SUB STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION 9 Box jacking - Pipe jacking - Under water construction of diaphragm walls and basement - Tunneling techniques - Piling techniques - Driving well and caisson - sinking cofferdam - cable anchoring and grouting - Driving diaphragm walls, Sheet piles - Laying operations for built up offshore system - Shoring for deep cutting - Large reservoir construction - well points - Dewatering for underground open excavation. 

UNIT II SUPER STRUCTURE CONSTRUCTION FOR BUILDINGS 9 Vacuum dewatering of concrete flooring – Concrete paving technology – Techniques of construction for continuous concreting operation in tall buildings of various shapes and varying sections – Erection techniques of tall structures, Large span structures – launching techniques for heavy decks – in-situ prestressing in high rise structures, Post tensioning of slab- aerial transporting – Handling and erecting lightweight components on tall structures. 

UNIT III CONSTRUCTION OF SPECIAL STRUCTURES 9 Erection of lattice towers - Rigging of transmission line structures – Construction sequence in cooling towers, Silos, chimney, sky scrapers - Bow string bridges, Cable stayed bridges – Launching and pushing of box decks – Construction of jetties and break water structures – Construction sequence and methods in domes – Support structure for heavy equipment and machinery in heavy industries – Erection of articulated structures and space decks. 

UNIT IV REHABILITATION AND STRENGTHENING TECHNIQUES 9 Seismic retrofitting - Strengthening of beams - Strengthening of columns - Strengthening of slab - Strengthening of masonry wall, Protection methods of structures, Mud jacking and grouting for foundation – Micro piling and underpinning for strengthening floor and shallow profile - Sub grade water proofing, Soil Stabilization techniques. 

UNIT V DEMOLITION 9 Demolition Techniques, Demolition by Machines, Demolition by Explosives, Advanced techniques using Robotic Machines, Demolition Sequence, Dismantling Techniques, Safety precaution in Demolition and Dismantling. TOTAL : 45 PERIODS

 On completion of this course the students will know the modern construction techniques to be used in the construction of buildings and special structures and also rehabilitation and strengthening techniques and demolition.

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 Sankar, S.K. and Saraswati, S., Construction Technology, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, 2008.

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