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Friday, February 7, 2014

SF7204 DYNAMICS OF SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS Syllabus | Anna University Regulation 2013 ME Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering First Year Second Semester Syllabus

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Anna University Syllabus

SF7204 DYNAMICS OF SOILS AND FOUNDATIONS Syllabus | Anna University Regulation 2013 ME Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering First Year Second Semester Syllabus.  Below is the Anna University 2013 Regulation Syllabus for 2nd Semester for Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Textbooks, Reference books, Exam portions, Question Bank, Previous year question papers, Model question papers, Class notes, Important 2 marks, 8 marks, 16 marks topics.
It is applicable for all students admitted in the Academic year 2013-2014 onwards for all its Affiliated institutions in Tamil Nadu.



 To understand the basics of dynamics – dynamic behaviour of soils – effects of dynamic loads and the various design methods.

UNIT I THEORY OF VIBRATION 9 Introduction – Nature of dynamic loads – vibrations of single degree freedom system – free vibrations of spring – mass systems – forced vibrations – viscous damping, Transmissibility – Principles of vibration measuring instruments effect of Transient and Pulsating loads – vibrations of multi degree freedom system. 

UNIT II DYNAMIC SOIL PROPERTIES AND BEHAVIOUR 9 Dynamic stress – strain characteristics – principles of measuring dynamic properties – Laboratory Techniques – Field tests – Factors affecting dynamic properties - Typical values- Dynamic bearing capacity – Dynamic earth pressure. 

UNIT III FOUNDATIONS FOR RECIPROCATING MACHINES 9 Types of Machines and Foundations – General requirements – Modes of vibration of a rigid foundation, block method of analysis – Linear Elastic weightless spring method – Elastic half – space method – Analog models ; Design of Block foundation -- Codal Provisions 

UNIT IV FOUNDATION FOR IMPACT AND ROTARY MACHINES 9 Dynamic analysis of impact type machines – Design of Hammer foundations – use of vibrator Absorbers – design – Codal recommendation. Special consideration for Rotary machines – Design criteria – Loads on Turbo Generator Foundation – method of analysis – Design; Dynamic soil – structure – Interaction, Codal Provisions. 

UNIT V INFLUENCE OF VIBRATION AND REMEDIATION 9 Mechanism of Liquefaction–Influencing factors--Evaluation of Liquefaction potential based on SPT-Force Isolation – Motion Isolation – use of spring and damping materials – vibration control of existing machine foundation – screening of vibration – open trenches – Pile Barriers – salient construction aspects of machine Foundations. TOTAL: 45 PERIODS 

 Students are able to design foundation for different machines, access the influence of vibrations and selection of remediation methods based on the nature of vibration, properties and behaviour of soil.
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